August 25, 2022

Dear Texas State Counselors,

​     Thanks to all who helped to make our 2022 state house party a success. We had a great time and encourage everyone to plan to attend next July 14-15 for our "Tis So Sweet" (Psalm 119:103) house party. (A Candy-Land themed program).

​      We look forward to another productive Sunbeam year! Praise the Lord! We met our project goal of $2000 for Sis. Chandra's work in Romania. A special thanks to our great promoter Sis. Ava. Let's begin working to raise $2,023 for Bro. Larry's ministry to provide housing for Ukrainian refugees. 

      I am including resources for the fall. I hope you can use some of them. 


                                                                                                                           Elvera Koonce

​                                                                                                                           State Sunbeam Promoter

Click here to download the resources sunbeam 9.2022.pdf

October 13, 2022: Click this to read the minutes & treasurer's report tx sb hp report 2022.pdf


From the 2022 House party:

Please click on link for house party packet 20220118_130210.pdf

Please click on link for an activity to do for the house party 20220118_131824.pdf

Please click on link for another house party activity tsunbeams 3.2022.pdf

TX SB houseparty 3.2022.pdf  Click on the previous link for a house party activity!

Click link for another house party activity tx sb houseparty 5.2.22.pdf

Click here for Offerings for God page. offerings for God.pdf