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Texas Sunbeam 2020 Houseparty information!

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Dear Texas State Sunbeam “Space Travelers”,

            I regret that we will NOT be able to have a 2020 Texas Sunbeam House Party this summer. I waited as long as I could to make a decision. Bro. Smith is still unsure of when the college will reopen.
            In lieu of our regular State House Party together, we will celebrate our Sunbeam theme with our local Sunbeam groups. I will be sending out “Countdown” activity bags to each local Sunbeam group. Included will be 2 crafts (space and water well), candy and a tract to share with a friend. The counselors can use these as they feel appropriate. Other activity resources are on the website (texaswma.com): “God’s Love is Out of This World” coloring sheets, the Samaritan Woman Bible Story Color sheet, & instructions on how to Make a Water Well. I would make a suggestion that the Counselors focus on using the story of the Samaritan Woman, Living Water and Water for Christ project with their students for a State Sunbeam study. If rechosen, we can address the “Countdown” space them next summer.
            Contributions for our Project, Water for Christ, are still due to Ms. Shera Clair by July 31st. (Her new address: 1433 S. FM, Glen Rose, TX 76043)
            Our Texas State Officers are welcome to keep their office for the 2020-2021 Sunbeam year if they wish. Officers will be contacted for their decision. Unfilled positions will be filled during the Counselor’s meeting.
            Sunbeam Counselors will have a virtual State meeting on Google Hangout (similar to Zoom) on Friday, July 10th @ 7 p.m. An invitation will be sent to each email address to join at 7 p.m. We can proceed with our annual business as usual. Information for this meeting will be on the webpage, including 2019-2020 Officers and Info pages, Planning Session for 2020-2021 sheet, Songs (The Countdown Song, River of Life, I’ve Got a River of Life Flowing Inside Me, Springs of Living Water), “Water” Comparison Chart, Local Sunbeam Information Sheet. I have adult officer emails, but not the emails for all the church counselors. So, please forward any that would like to participate in our virtual meeting. I will try to have the recommendations from the meeting on Google for the local Sunbeams to record their votes by Saturday, July 11th. The voting results are due by July 27th to be posted by July 31st on our Sunbeam Webpage. Our Annual Reports will be posted in August.

Your Texas Sunbeam Promoter,
Ms. Koonce (281-642-5356 / djkeak55@yahoo.com)

Some of the activity resources are given in the older information below about the House party. Click on these links for some activities listed above:                                 tx sbs 2019-20 officers + more info.pdftx sbs water.pdf,   tx sbs Samaritan.pdfTXsbs blast off & other songs.pdf 

​                                                    Each of these links has more than one page; scroll down to see all!