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How to organize a new auxiliary

To organize an auxiliary in the church, the interested members should counsel with their pastor.  With his approval and assurance of cooperation, they should present the matter to the church in regular conference.  Any church member may offer a motion to authorize the organization of such an auxilary.  
After the church has voted approval, a date for the organization may be set, at which time a person designated to do so may preside.  A secretary pro tem should be appointed.

The statement of principles for a local auxiliary should then be read.  A motion would be in order to adopt those, followed by the election of the officers as needed by the group.  It is recommended that you elect the officers needed by your group.  You may wish to fill all the suggested offices in the "Guidebook" or select those you have ladies to fill, and needs to meet.

It is suggested (there are no hard fast rules) that the president be one with leadership skills.  The first vice-president should be out-going and friendly as she will be the enlistment chairman; the second vice-president will bring spiritually enlightening programs; and the third vice-president will be the Literature and Tract chairman, suggesting daily Bible reading along with other Christian publications.  The secretary-treasurer will be prompt and detail oriented to take care of the finances and minutes of the meetings.  Each officers should be selected for her particular gift in order to help your auxiliary to grow and flourish, thereby bringing glory to the Lord and pleasure and spiritual growth to your ladies.

The statement of prinicples and a list of officers, their duties, and other suggestions to help will be found in the "Women's Missionary Auxiliary Manual and Guidebook".  Contact the Texas WMA President for information on how to acquire this book.  

Click on the link below to download file about Attracting New WMA Members which is to help local WMA chapters navigate the recruiting process for growing their group the best way specific to their needs. 

WMA Guide to Recruiting New Members


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