April Mini Retreat

It is in the air, can you feel it?  It is excitement over the Conroe Ladies Mini Retreat-A time of small talk for women to discuss the Big God we serve.  I hope you have marked your calendar for April 6th.  If you can't come please add this date to your prayer list.  Plans are being finalized and remember, we need some of you to take part.  Even if you are not interested in speaking please join us for the mini retreat!

The meeting will be from 9-3 on Sat, April 6 at Northside Conroe.  The address is 701 FM 3083W Conroe, Tx 77303
There is no charge but they do need a head count.  Please email Mrs. Jeannie if you plan to attend.  leonawalker@consolidated.net
The theme is "Our Legacy, God's Grace, and Fresh Starts"  based on the genealogies in Genesis.

9-9:30 Praise and Worship
9:30-10:00 Adam to the flood-Johnnie Ross
10:15-11:00 break out sessions
11-11:30 The flood to Joseph- Johnnie Ross
11:30-12:15 lunch
12:15-1:00- break out sessions
1:15-1:45 Joshua to the Promised Land- Johnnie Ross
2:00-2:45 break out sessions
2:45-3:00 It Only Takes One

We are planning to do 3  break out sessions each time for a total of 9.  Each of the sessions will be based on a topic, concept, or person that is appropriate to the time period Johnnie discussed just before.  We have come up with some suggestions but please feel free to add to the list if there is something you would like to share.  I am listing the ideas we came up with below.  Each topic will be given to the person who contacts me first.  I really need to know by next Sunday, March 2.  You can let Mrs. Johnnie or me know.   That way we can "draft" people to fill in the holes.  Also, we are asking that you come up with a catchy title and synopsis for your session(s).  But I do not have to have these until March 24, so the program can be made. 

Adam to flood
Enoch Gen 5:22-24
Noah Gen 5:28-29
Cain and Able
Gen 6:33 life span shortened by God
Gen 6:5-8 The only remedy for man's wickedness "favor from God"
Gen 6:9 and 7:1 Old Testament righteousness
Gen 6:4 giants
the flood
the importance of sharing God with your family
Flood to Joseph
Tower of Babel and man's exaltation of himself
Gen 10:25 "the earth divided"
Abram being partially obedient (not leaving family behind) God blesses with Isaac when he is totally obedient
the importance of sharing God with your family
Any of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph
Esau's forgiveness
Joshua to the Promised Land
Exodus-God's visible presence and human's stubborn nature
Patience for God's promises
12 spies and the Promised Land (and then there were 2)

Hotel Info:
Homewood Suites by Hilton
3000 IH 45 N

Holiday Inn Express and Suites
2240 Stoneside Rd

Fairfield Inn and Suites
3010 IH 45N

Hampton Inn and Suites
2242 Stoneside Rd