Our Texas WMA Project for 2019-2020 is to support the Martha Johnson School located in Huejutla de Reyes, Hidalgo, Mexico for needs as they enlarge their school building. The school was first known as Lincoln Bilingual Elementary School. This was a dream of our missionary in Mexico, Mrs. Martha Johnson. She had put in the hours doing the groundwork for the beginning of the school and had opened the school in 1990 with four classes and 35 students. Martha and her family were in the states on furlough in 1991 when she suffered a brain hemorrhage and would never see the building complete. The government asked that the name of the school be changed to the Martha Johnson Bilingual Elementary School. Students come from not only villages in Mexico but from all over the world to attend the Martha Johnson School. The main attraction of the school is English which is included in the curriculum. Parents are insured upon graduation, their children can read, write and understand English. There is always a waiting list to attend the school. Every teacher is very dedicated to educating the students and sharing God’s word with the student while they are in attendance. The teachers and students alike take much pride in their curriculum, the cleanliness of the building and grounds and in the growth of facilities. There is no longer a library, it has been turned into a classroom. Every possible space is now a classroom because of the demand of students wanting to attend.

        Diana Morris, Texas Project Promoter commented, “In July 2019, Union Hill, Brownsboro took a mission trip to Mexico to help lead VBS in Huejutla. While there we took a day trip to visit the Martha Johnson School. We noticed the school was very organized and we were amazed by the dedication of the Johnson’s to continue the ministry. We loved the school and thought it was well laid out but lacked a lot of conveniences that we have in our schools in the states. The lunchroom was outdoors. Another thing we noticed was not a lot of extreme decorations and lack of furnishings yet the students and staff we talked to were so proud to be there.” Mrs. Morris also noted “The workers were laboring in the hot sun on a new addition to the school and were carrying cinder blocks by hand up the ladders because they had no modern equipment. Yet, there were smiles on each of their faces and you heard no grumbling. Again, you could just feel the spirit even in the workers that were on the job. There was just such a great atmosphere.”

       Now what can you do to help raise $15,000 for the school?

1. Put the cash that you would have spent on a new Easter outfit in an envelope and mark it Project Fund and put it in your Bible until you go back to church.

2. Number envelopes 1 to 50 (or any number) Place the envelopes on a table or attach to a wall in a central location. Encourage members to take one and return it with corresponding money inside. (i.e., envelope #3 would have $3, #25 would have $25 inside) This allows people to donate what they can afford. 50 envelopes returned equals $1275 for the project.

3. BBQ Cook Off or Baking Contest

4. Do you have someone in your church that can paint? Have a paint party. Everyone pays to paint and fellowship.

More information and the history of the Martha Johnson School can be found in Tow Sacks by Buddy Johnson. Tow Sacks is available through our Baptist Missionary Association of America Missions.