Texas WMA and Ladies ministries

across Texas

are joining hands with

Daniel Springs Baptist Camp.​

To raise funds to help make major reconstruction repairs to the camp swimming pool which was built in the late 60/early 70's.

There are major leaks both on the interior and exterior areas of the pool.

What can you do as your part?

Let's reach deep and fill those cracks

Send offerings to:

Jo Strong

149 NW Suzanne Terrace

Burleson, TX 76028


Cornhole Tournament

Cornhole is the perfect game for the no frills, no sweat summertime athlete. Determine the MVPs in your church with a laid-back tournament. Borrow boards from church members and be sure to serve concessions.  You could charge a small entrance fee to the event with a cake or pie for the champion.

 Home Run Derby

Players are given a time limit to hit as many homeruns as possible. The players with the most can then be put head-to-head for a grand finale. You can charge people to enter the competition and offer a prize for the winning hitter.  As you change out hitters have your volunteer “outfielders” (little ball players) to pickup all the balls on the ground and run them back to home plate. Just make sure you have a wide-open space available and you have picked a day with great weather.  Make this a church picnic day.  Prize for top hitter could be a box of cracker jacks or a large bottle of coke and popcorn.  Little ball players win an ice pop for grounding the balls.


There is just something great about a paper calendar. Google a “31-day calendar” (ex. March 2021) and print it. Have people pick a date on the calendar and give that amount towards our project.   Below is a statement you can add to your Facebook page with a copy of your calendar to help reach out to others.  You could add your PayPal or Venmo accounts then turn the dollars over to the treasurer.  $496 raised per 31 day calendar.

Our Texas church’s Ladies Ministries are raising funds to help with major reconstruction repairs to our youth camp’s Olympic size swimming pool.  Can you help us by picking a date on the calendar and donate the amount of money for that day?  Ex. March 1=$1, March 15=$15.  As people donate, I will write their names on the squares.  Payments can be in cash, checks to (your church WMA group).  

Thank you so much for your donations.  Our youth love attending camp and the swimming is always a highlight of their day in the summer heat.

Host an Adult and Kids’ Bingo Night
This is a church-wide event that all ages participate.  Bingo is a fun and easy game that even the youngest children can play. Since everyone loves prizes be sure you have plenty, so you better hit up the Dollar Tree. Throughout the night, remind attendees of what you are raising money for and encourage them to make contributions during the event. However, most of your proceeds will come from selling admission ticket and concessions.

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